WATCH San Diego doctor treats patients and tests a COVID-19 treatment | A Diary from the Frontline

Short Docs/VJ

A Diary from the Frontline - Episode 2:
Dr. Davey Smith, a Professor and Chief of Infectious Diseases at U.C. San Diego, firmly believes that a scientific response is the only way out of this pandemic, specifically by conducting rigorous clinical trials. Davey begins filming video diaries just as the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to surge in California. Over the course of three months, Smith shares how he juggles his increasingly busy ward rounds and a clinical trial studying hydroxychloroquine, a controversial and politically polarizing drug claimed to be able to treat COVID-19. “The science doesn't care about politics. It doesn't care whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. It only cares about finding out the truth,” Smith said.

The series "A Dairy from the Frontline" was produced by Global Health Reporting Center in partnership with Emma Watts, Green Bean Pictures and PBS NewsHour. Filmed by: Alexis Duran