My Tattoo Coverup Made My Mom Cry - TRANSFORMED

Short Docs/VJ

ASH says that growing up she was an Emo but now she doesn't have an alternative style clothing wise, however when she turned 18 she got her first tattoo and hasn't stopped. She now has over 20+ tattoos and 18 piercings and says she has spent over $10,000 on her look. Ash recently went viral online after she posted a video addressing a rejection from a retail job, which she believes was down to her appearance. The story gained a lot of traction even making it to the UK press and she says she has been trolled ever since for her tattoos and told her appearance is her own fault as to why she didn't get the job. Ash says the experience of going viral has led her to firmly believe that people with tattoos, especially facial ones, are discriminated against in America. Since her recent experience, Ash is going to transform into a business casual look and ask her TikTok followers if she looks more employable. She is going to be revealing her look to her husband and her mom.