Beauty Insider | Scalp Micropigmentation Makes Hair Look Thicker

Barber Surgeons Guild in West Hollywood offers a Scalp Camo service that creates the illusion of density with scalp micropigmentation. Artists tattoo dots of little pigments to the scalp to make the hair appear thicker and fuller. They use a three-prong needle with vegan and biocompatible pigments to create a hair follicle-sized dot on the scalp. The most common areas patients do a scalp camouflage are in areas of less hair density, over scars, and in the crown area. The team tries to avoid heavily tattooing the hairline because it won't look as natural. Each session takes about two hours, and three sessions are recommended to get the perfect look. The results last about five to 10 years, and the procedure costs about $2,200 to $6,000. Visit for more information.

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